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Mike Tekcandan and Richard Kien will no longer perform any duties or activities for or on behalf of the NBBF or the IFBB with immediate effect. The board has relieved them of their duties and will deploy other persons to take over their duties. See the letter from the board explaining this decision here. Click here to read the board letter (in pdf).

Hooray the gyms are open again and slowly we can resume our familiar life. We are finally looking forward to better times and we are returning to ‘normal’. This of course includes working on your body with training and preparation for contests. And those contests will take place again from the fall.

We are busy filling in the 2021 competition schedule. The theaters are open again and that clears the way to do great events again as we were used to! At the moment the competition dates and locations are not yet known, but they will follow shortly (see the competition overview in due course).

So hit the dumbbells and you’ll have a few months to get into competition shape and we’ll see you all again in the fall!

Juliette Bergmann – President NBBF

Juliette with Marc Marques, 7x Moto GP World Champion, so two multiple World Champion winners together

Let’s go for it! Full of energy and enthousiasm as never before and come together again during our great events:

Audience during contest NBBF - IFBB Netherlands

Audience during contest NBBF – IFBB Netherlands

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