• In 2020, the NBBF will again be organizing two free posing clinics for its members or upcoming athletes on Sunday 19. January (for women and men) and 1. March (for women only) in two different locations.Note: The posing clinic on January 19 is for BOTH LADIES AND MEN! For the ladies, national coach Floor van Putten will take the participants into the world of compulsory poses, quarter turns and the i-walk or t-walk. The posing clothing and tanning are also discussed.

    You can sign up for the following class:
    Bikini Fitnes,

    Wellness Fitnes, Fitmodels

  • Body Fitness
  • Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Classic Physique
  • Men’s Physiqu, Muscular Physique
  • CoachOn the site of the NBBF and IFBB you can already do some preliminary work by reading through the rulebook for the class in which you want to participate.

    The clinics on January 19 are for ladies and gentlemen who are members of the NBBF. The clinics on March 1 are only open to ladies. It does not matter whether you are a competition member, general member or donor. Once this has been arranged you are very welcome at all clinics organized by the NBBF. (https://ifbbnederland.nl/membership/).

    You can now register for free for one or both of the Sunday posing clinics (registry form in Dutch). When you have registered you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive the e-mail with the exact times one week before the clinic.

    We hope to welcome you again in large numbers.

    If you have any questions, mail to richardkien@ifbbnederland.nl



Subscribe to the NBBF / Kika Posing Clinic on 19.  January through this link, click here.

Subscribtion to the NBBF Posing Clinic on  1. March through this link, click here.