European Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships

EBFF European Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation 

By Ingrid Stewart and Jako van der Velde

From 5 to 9 May, the European Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships were organized in Santa Susanna, Spain. The Netherlands was represented in the Wellness, Bikini fitness and Body fitness classes. Under the watchful eye of President Juliette Bergmann, who was at the Pavelló poliesportiu from early in the morning until late at night encouraging the athletes, no fewer than three medals were won.

The delegation consisted of the athletes Johanna Anore, Ruth van Bochove, Ellen Breemans, Fiona van de Hoorn, Yana Pomozybida, Jeanette Solli, Sylwia Wierzbicki and Loïs Wildschut. Present as officials were NBBF president Juliette Bergmann, international jury member Frank van den Boom, women’s national coach Ingrid Stewart and NBBF vice-chairman and international and pro jury member Jako van der Velde. 

Despite the relatively small number of athletes, the Dutch team did very well and took twelfth place in the national competition (out of 28). Ellen Breemans came in fourth in the Body fitness category over 168 cm. Jeanette Solli won two medals, a bronze in the wellness category up to 163 cm, and a silver in the open class Junior wellness 21-23 years. Yana Pomozybida won gold in the Bikini Fitness up to 162 cm.

Furthermore, the NBBF has a new international jury member, national coach Ingrid Stewart! To top it all off, at the previous congress, President Juliette Bergmann was honored by IFBB President Rafael Santonja with a very prestigious IFBB honorary lifetime vice president title!

After two difficult years for the fitness and bodybuilding sport in the Netherlands, the NBBF in Santa Susanna showed that it is back, with several contests in the Netherlands and abroad ahead.

Ingrid Stewart attended for the first time as a member of the officials delegation and adds: “This was the first time that I went along as a member of the women’s committee. I hope I was able to help the girls well. We stayed in the athletes’ hotel assigned to us and were fully equipped. As icing on the cake, I also obtained my qualification as an international judge. As for the athletes, they all did their best and showed their best shape on the podium. The entire level of the European Championship was extremely high. On to the next game and hopefully with a team of gentlemen too!

Yana Pomozybida

If it doesn’t kill me, it makes me stronger

By Harry de Jonge

The title of this piece did not literally come out of Fitness Bikini athlete Yana, but it did come to mind immediately after I hung up the phone after a short interview. If, like me, you have been involved in sports for over 40 years, you know that almost everyone experiences his or her preparation as terribly difficult, but when you see what Yana experienced in a short time while she still achieved incredible sports performances, you can’t help but take most people who had it “so hard” with a grain of salt.

Yana comes from Ukraine and then you immediately understand that she is currently having a hard time. Her country is being bombed by the Russian army, many family members are in mortal danger and how that war will develop is still a question mark for everyone.

But this misery isn’t the only thing that has happened to Yana over the past few years, the years when she was performing so incredibly! Yana graduated from the medical university in western Ukraine and came to the Netherlands four and a half years ago to explore the possibilities here. Her mother already lived and worked in the Netherlands. Finding work in the medical sector was of course difficult due to, among other things, the language barrier, which is why Yana threw her heart and soul into sports. “I noticed that the Dutch are a fit people. Everyone cycles here all year round, something that was not possible in Ukraine because of the long harsh winters. I was already sporty, I danced a lot and I was a choreographer and I could also sometimes be found at the gym. But it was only here in the Netherlands that I started to approach the latter more professionally.”

Yana just lived here and had to go back to Ukraine to get the necessary paperwork in order. She decided to enter a beginners competition and, to her own surprise, reached the final. Yana immediately had a taste for it and once back in Amsterdam she wanted to participate in a contest again. She found a trainer to help her (Steven from Beyond Fitness) and together they chose the 2019 JBC as their first goal. Yana won her class and also became overall winner bikini fitness! She persevered and registered for the Open Rotterdam, a contest at B-level. During the preparation, disaster struck. Yana’s stepfather crashed in a helicopter and she was plunged into deep mourning. Despite this misery, Yana won her class again and yes, again the overall!

She advanced to the highest national level and competed in the N.K. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, Yana won her class again and yes, the overall. Yana took the goblet home and had an image of a helicopter engraved on it. She dedicated the victory to her stepfather Jordan, something that means a lot to her. Training was put on a slightly lower plan, Yana had a lot to process and just when she wanted to pick it up again, the world was flooded by the corona crisis and training became almost impossible for Yana. Nevertheless, she took part in the Arnold Classic Europe in Spain where she finished fourth! “However, I was not in optimal shape. I especially lost mass on my upper body,” she says.

Slowly, the situation around covid improved and training went a bit better, until disaster struck again. In October, Yana’s husband collapsed in the middle of the street from a heart attack! Yana’s medical background came in very handy here and she managed to save his life through intervention. Fortunately, the father of her two bonus children and her main support and rock survived and has since recovered well. And then…yes, then the Russian army invaded her homeland! “It was like being in a bad movie,” Yana explains. “But the passion for the sport did not die, I kept my faith and knew that I would come out stronger in the end. I went to the European Championship anyway and became first in my class,” said the 1.62m tall athlete.

Yana Pomozybida

“After this E.C. we looked at the competition calendar again. A contest in the Czech Republic came too early and there we saw mention of the Arnold Classic in South Africa. My husband said in a spontaneous mood, “That’s where we’re going!” It turned out to be a great experience. It was beautiful. Due to the covid, the organization had set up tents everywhere. It wasn’t as busy as the AC Europe, the background was magical and I met so many nice people.” Yana won her class again and the organization invited her to join the professionals afterwards and Yana did that again with success because a fourth place in a first professional appearance is of course unbelievably good.

I did this interview on June 15th and Yana told me that she will participate again this weekend in Luxembourg at the Diamond Cup. Still with the amateurs, because she will not participate in the pro circuit until 2023. “I need more mass to be successful with the professionals,” explains Yana. Yana is currently coached by Oksana Brygidir, a Ukrainian IFBB pro-elite athlete with a huge track record. Yana currently works as a personal trainer in Amsterdam. “I am very worried about the situation in Ukraine and if there are bombings like a few days ago again on the place where I come from, I will not be able to train properly.” Well, I understand that all too well and when I finished the conversation I just thought, wow, what some people have to go through. But it seems that Yana is only getting stronger!

Results and impression photos ONK 2022

Hereby the definite list of winners in all classes, click here (pdf).

Below you can see some impressions of the very successful Open Dutch Championships 2022. The complete comprehensive overview with all results and photos of the winners has now been placed in the archive under ‘Results’ and can be viewed at any time… click here.


Open Dutch Championships 2022 (if you place your mouse or finger on the photo, the photo rotation will temporarily stop):

Don’t Be Fooled !

Best athletes and coaches in the Netherlands.


Don’t be fooled by confusing (dis)information! The NPC is not an IFBB! The NPC has nothing to do with the IFBB either. The NPC (National Physique Committee) is a purely American one-man federation and is not recognized in the Netherlands.

The only connection is with the Mr. Olympia, a purely corporate event from owner Jake Wood. Only there does the NPC play a role in the participation (qualification).

The NPC can therefore never offer you a procard, that is simply not true. (They may offer a pro league card).

Offering a genuine IFBB procard is something only the IFBB can do, the world’s largest and only recognized federation for both professionals and amateurs.

The NPC pro league card only applies to the Olympia. For example, they do not offer the opportunity to participate in a Pro World Championship. or a Pro E.K. or a European Arnold Classic. It may all be very confusing, but the Mr. Olympia is truly an absolutely American for-profit business.

‘Life Time Vice President’ Award from IFBB (worldwide)

– The European Championships in Santa Suzanna 2022, as held there every year, with a record number of participants from 50 different countries (excluding Russia) have again exceeded 1000. A photo gallery of this event can be found on this link and the list of all the results can be downloaded on this IFBB page (May 05 – May 09).

– The IFBB Netherlands (NBBF) has received a Solidarity Award after more than 45 years of being active in the sport and still is.

– Juliette Bergmann has also been honored as Lifetime Vice President of the IFBB (worldwide) and has thus obtained a permanent position in the Executive Council of the IFBB.

– Partly because of this, the IFBB Netherlands (NBBF) has become an important factor in its position.



Report and Contest Results JBC 2022

Juliëtte Bergmann Cup 2022

A new start

No one, really no one, could have imagined at the beginning of 2020 that there would be a long period when almost no bodybuilding competition could be organized and yet that was exactly what was the result of a worldwide pandemic that started in China. And it wasn’t just the games that stopped, no it was much worse, worldwide gyms were simply closed and people could only mess around a bit at home.

“Corona-kilos” became a common expression, people got out of shape, became depressed and everyone wondered if things would ever go back to normal. At the end of 2021, the rules were relaxed again and IFBB-Netherlands tried it with a contest at C-level, but it was not yet a real success. Strict rules regarding QR codes, skepticism among people who did not want to take a risk yet, no, this was not yet the way it should be.

After another forced closure from mid-December to mid-January, all measures were finally abolished step by step and it was during this period that the association, under the inspiring leadership of our chairwoman Juliette Bergmann, decided to go all out again.


Posing clinic

But, the seasoned experts within the association realized, in order to attract new faces, they also had to take action themselves. A posing clinic should not only prepare people for their first stage experience, but should also generate the necessary enthusiasm. On Sunday 6. March IFBB-Netherlands finally organized such a posing clinic in the beautiful Legend Fitness gym in The Hague. Due to some changes within the federation, the posing teaching had to be picked up by new faces and fortunately some enthusiastic toppers were willing to put their heart and soul into this so that there was a renowned A-athlete for each category! Jerry Koolhoven, Johnny Stuhldreier, Ingrid Stewart, Elke van den Bergh, Nicole de Wit, Ruth van Bochhove and Bi Bi taught a large group of ladies and gentlemen the basics of the all-important posing and the result in the first contest did certainly not disappoint!


The Contest!

Sunday 27 March it was time. In Theater aan de Schie in Schiedam, so well-known to us, the new start should be made and what everyone hoped for, happened and it turned out to be a great success. Not only did the contest attract more than 100 participants, but the audience also turned up in large numbers, filling almost all seats in the theater!

The bodybuilding classes were still somewhat underrepresented, probably also because the corona vicissitudes affected these classes stronger than the bikini and men’s physique classes where the missed training time is a little easier to make up for. Without missing out on a few very promising athletes, we would like to mention a few outliers. The bikini ladies Yentl Haverland, Renee Timmers and especially Sylwia Wierzbicki could also compete at a higher level and at the time of writing the open N.K. still has to come (three weeks later), but most likely these ladies and a number of others will also be shining here. Said Abdelfattah became the best bodybuilder of the day. He won his class, the masters class and the overall and showed the most complete physique and also the best condition.


Hereby the list of the results in all classes, click here for the pdf-file.


Watch this video with a short impression of the JBC day!


Dutch Championships on 17. April

The N.K. April 17 will have an “Open” character, which simply means that IFBB-Netherlands has chosen to keep the contest open for everyone after all the corona misery, because there is simply no time yet to come to the usual C,B and A classes via the usual qualifications. On to a nice Open N.K. and then after the summer break a C, B and A contest with the ‘City of Light Open’ for C and D athletes as a closing on December 11! See our agenda for the contest schedule.

IFBB supports Ukrainian Federation

As we all know, very difficult and uncertain times are currently affecting Ukraine.

In such critical moments, it is time to be with family, and our Ukrainian federation needs help from its IFBB family.

From IFBB Headquarters, we are coordinating a supportive operation to provide an effective assistance to the Ukrainian IFBB Family.

The operation is coordinated by IFBB and EBFF, in direct contact with the Ukrainian Federation, and with the assistance from the Santa Susanna’s authorities, the Spanish and Romanian Federations (the Romanian border will be the meeting point), and the IFBB Medical Commission.

Any contribution, no matter how much it is, is essential, and on this regard, the IFBB has open a FUNDRAISING PAYPAL ACCOUNT. We request your solidary team support, that no doubt will be of a great help.

Contest License

From 2022, the membership will be replaced by the contest license of IFBB Netherlands. With this you can participate in all IFBB Netherlands competitions in the Netherlands, but also in international IFBB competitions (provided you finish high enough to qualify).

As before, the competition license is valid for one calendar year from January 1 to December 31.

You can now purchase the competition license via the IFBB Nederland Webshop. Go to the webshop now, click here.