Renewed contest schedule

Updated contest schedule: Latest update 23-04-2020: All games have been canceled until September 1, 2020 due to the Covid-19 measures imposed by the Dutch government. After the summer holidays all matches will take place as planned, see game calendar here. . .continue reading →

Hooray, I am the Dutch Champion! Oh no…, not entirely.

There are currently various Bodybuilding and Fitness organizations in the Netherlands that all organize a "Dutch Championship" separately. However, every self-respecting sport has only one annual Dutch Championship. Then as a winner you can not only be proud of your first place and be recognized by everyone as THE number one, but it also gives you the right to present yourself internationally, such as at the European or World Championships. At least if your local sports association is affiliated with a world association. . And that is precisely the problem. In the Netherlands…continue reading →

Juliette Bergman inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame

Juliette Bergman inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame. (Copied from:  January 14, 2020) . Female bodybuilding legend, Ms. Juliette Bergmann was inducted into the IFBB Bodybuilding Hall of Fame during the 2019 IFBB Congress held in Fujairah, UAE last November. IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja presented Juliette with the award. Juliette is a legend of the sport and she has won practically every major award in female bodybuilding. Juliette established herself as the best female amateur bodybuilder in the world in 1985 when she won the Lightweight class at the IFBB…continue reading →

Bilingual website as of now / Tweetalige website vanaf heden

Given our international character and the many foreign participants and members, we have started to make our website bilingual: Dutch and English. You can read every page in these two languages; click on 'Nederlands' or 'English' for the translation at the bottom of the menu. The site remembers your last language choice and will then display all links and the following pages in that language. You can always change the preferred language by clicking on the language of your choice at the bottom of the menu.continue reading →

Changes in the order of Mandatory Poses Classic Physique

The order of the mandatory poses has been changed for this class. Also the order of the classes will be such that the Classic Physique comes first and then the Bodybuilding classes because if you can't pose a vacuum then you will be placed from the top but you will have the opportunity to participate in the Bodybuilding. So in this case bring a posing slip along with the obligatory pants for the Classic Physique. 6. In Round 1 individual comparisons, formulated by the Chief Judge, competitors are directed to perform four quarter…continue reading →

Why Choose For NBBF / IFBB Netherlands?

Why choose for NBBF / IFBB Netherlands? . The NBBF is the largest and longest existing bodybuilding association in the Netherlands. The NBBF organizes approx. 12 competitions per year with a well-arranged structure in which you can gradually climb to the highest level. The NBBF currently has several thousand members and the website has attracted 75,000 page views by over 20,000 visitors in the last two months alone! The NBBF has represented the I.F.B.B for over 40 years. This is the only federation in the world that is officially recognized and is even…continue reading →

IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding World Championships 2019

In mid-November the 2019 World Men's Bodybuilding Championship was held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Bram Alting was the only participant from the Netherlands and he achieved a notable 7th place in the Men's Physique class. A nice result in a strong field and hereby the congratulations for Bram. . . IFBB CONGRESS At the same time, the annual conference of the World IFBB took place, in which our own chairwoman, Juliette Bergmann, held an important management position as 'Secretary Women's Committee'. During the 3 day congress all proposals and decisions were…continue reading →
Is an Olympia title still an Olympia title?

Is an Olympia title still an Olympia title?

Every top athlete in the world strives for the highest achievable. Within Bodybuilding the highest achievable is the title Miss Olympia or Mister Olympia. It used to be that only one such title per year was awarded to one person. Then you were the absolute top of the world in the entire sport discipline. So world champion meant real champion of the whole world in your sport. And Mister and Miss Olympia were the world champions of all world champion winners: "the best of the best". . During that time, Juliette Bergmann, as…continue reading →