The order of the mandatory poses has been changed for this class.
Also the order of the classes will be such that the Classic Physique comes first and then the Bodybuilding classes because if you can’t pose a vacuum then you will be placed from the top but you will have the opportunity to participate in the Bodybuilding. So in this case bring a posing slip along with the obligatory pants for the Classic Physique.

6. In Round 1 individual comparisons, formulated by the Chief Judge, competitors are directed to perform four quarter turns, followed by seven Mandatory Poses:
a. Quarter turn right
b. Quarter turn back
c. Quarter turn right
d. Quarter turn front
e. Vacuum pose
f. Front double biceps
g. Side chest
h. Back double biceps
i. Side triceps
j. Abdominals and Thighs
k. Classic pose at Athlete’s choice (in a standing front position but no most muscular)

Decided at the IFBB world congress.