Short info Notorious Cup

On Sunday 23 October the IFBB Netherlands will organize the Notorious Cup 2022 under a new name in the theater aan de Schie in Schiedam. This year it will be a DOUBLE contest:
– beginners D/C in the morning/first half day. The top 3 can participate in the 2nd half day.
– advanced B/A contest in the afternoon/2nd part of the day
Best Female and Male Athlete advance to Diamond Cup Pro Qualifier.

Do you dare a fair fight?

Contest Location

Theater aan de Schie
Stadserf 1
3112 Schiedam

Visit theatre website

Rules for participation and contest regulations

All rules concerning the different classes can be found under the heading:


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    Registration ticket must be paid online before the contest, it is not possible to pay on the day of the contest. No payment means you will be excluded from participation.


    We would like to point out that any cancellation of participation must be done at least 7 days before the contest.


    If there is a valid reason for cancellation within these days or on the day of the contest, please report this to our member administration. If this reason is not relevant then there is no question of a refund of your participation ticket.


    By registering for a competition organized by NBBF / IFBB Netherlands, you automatically agree with the conditions as stated in the Articles of Association and Regulations of the NBBF / IFBB Netherlands. You also agree to our Privacy Statement and Photo Rights. You can read these documents on our website under the heading 'Federation'.


    Notification: “You must take note of the fact that images can be made during contests and ceremonies and you agree that this image material will be used on websites or in publications of the federation or related non-commercial organizations within the framework of the objectives of the federation. " You must report objections to this in writing / by email, after which it will be ensured that you do not (recognizably) appear in published images.


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    Participation costs per D/C class is 50,00 euros.
    Participation costs per B/A class is 50,00 euros.
    Coach costs is the same as participant costs. Attention! If your coach is an NBBF / IFBB Certified Coach Member you do not have to buy a coach ticket! Buy your participation ticket now, click here.

    Note 1: participation ticket PAYMENT ONLY is NOT a registration! Don’t forget to COMPLETE THE FORM ABOVE, only then you are fully registered for this contest!

    Note 2: Registration ticket is for participation in this contest, NOT your contest license of the NBBF / IFBB Netherlands! So you also need a (yearly) NBBF/IFBB Netherlands contest license, see here.

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    Admission tickets for family and friends

    Order your visitor admission tickets directly at the Theater aan de Schie in Schiedam.

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