Our NBBF/IFBB Netherlands body building and fitness contests fall under the regulations and measures of the Dutch government with regard to avoiding, preventing and limiting (the transmission of) corona infections. That is why we must comply with the measures and restrictions as they currently apply. So this applies to both participants and spectators for our contest on November 7. in Vlaardingen:


Note: Only entry on presentation of a corona admission ticket (national measure)

  • If you want to visit a concert, theater performance, sports competition, conference or other event this autumn, you must be able to show a corona ticket.
  • On the website www.coronacheck.nl you can read how to turn your vaccination certificate into a corona admission ticket.
  • Via the corona check app you can show that you have either recovered or have been tested or have a vaccination.
  1. Or Vaccination Proof: If you have been vaccinated, you can make a proof of vaccination via the CoronaCheck app or via www.coronacheck.nl and you have a valid corona admission ticket.
  2. Or Recovery certificate: The same applies if you had the virus not more than six months ago, with the recovery certificate.
  3. Or Test proof: If you have not been vaccinated and have not had the virus in the last six months, you can get tested. This can be done free of charge via www.testenvoortoegang.org, but also at the GGD.
  4. Any other test, including the self-test, is not enough.
  5. The test result itself does not count as an admission ticket, but you can use it in the CoronaCheck app or upload and print it via www.coronacheck.nl.
  • Don’t have a smartphone? Then you can also print the corona proof via the website www.coronacheck.nl.
  • Children under 13 do not need to be tested.
  • The CoronaCheck app or print will be scanned in front of the theater and you can continue inside if you have a green light. Your entrance ticket will then also be scanned.
  • Please keep in mind that the walk-in temporarily takes a little longer. If rain is expected, it may be advisable to bring an umbrella.
  • Keep your ID and app ready for a smooth flow in line.
  • We are obliged to refuse entry to people who do not have a corona ticket or proof of identity with them.
  • If you want to cancel your tickets during this period based on these national measures, we understand and you can inform us via info@stadsgehoorzaal.nl for admission tickets (spectators) or at juliettebergmann@ifbbnederland.nl for participant tickets.

Of course we look forward to seeing you and hope this is not the case.


Temporary situation

During the press conference of our government, it was indicated that these measures are of a temporary nature.

For now this is the only option for us to open the doors again after 1.5 years of uncertainty and a big step forward for us.

Of course we can’t wait for the day when we can all enjoy theater and all other outings carefree again!

Juliette Bergmann

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