Don’t Be Fooled !

Don’t Be Fooled !

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Don’t be fooled by confusing (dis)information! The NPC is not an IFBB! The NPC has nothing to do with the IFBB either. The NPC (National Physique Committee) is a purely American one-man federation and is not recognized in the Netherlands.

The only connection is with the Mr. Olympia, a purely corporate event from owner Jake Wood. Only there does the NPC play a role in the participation (qualification).

The NPC can therefore never offer you a procard, that is simply not true. (They may offer a pro league card).

Offering a genuine IFBB procard is something only the IFBB can do, the world’s largest and only recognized federation for both professionals and amateurs.

The NPC pro league card only applies to the Olympia. For example, they do not offer the opportunity to participate in a Pro World Championship. or a Pro E.K. or a European Arnold Classic. It may all be very confusing, but the Mr. Olympia is truly an absolutely American for-profit business.

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