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In the field of sport, the IFBB organizes more than 1000 competitions worldwide every year in which athletes of all ages, both men and women, from the very young in the junior categories to our master champions of over 60, present the maximum to what you get from human physical muscle development in good harmony with a healthy body. It is now generally accepted that weight training and bodybuilding training techniques should be an essential part in the preparation of athletes in all Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Muscle development has a positive influence on every sport and sport performance. Optimum muscle development helps every athlete to reach his maximum potential in every sport.

Benefits of training

Bodybuilding and fitness training are innovative and are the most advanced forms of training to achieve strong, balanced muscle development and can be used for many other forms of sports practice.
Millions of people around the world follow the bodybuilding lifestyle. Regardless of age, gender or previous physical condition, bodybuilding training together with the right diet helps to balance the body with good control of body fat and also promotes good health.

Bodybuilding training is a good guide for doctors, physical therapists and the (para) medical world to prevent injuries and to repair them if necessary. It improves muscle strength and function, both for sports practice and for everyday work.

Bodybuilding is the ideal preventive therapy against aging. In fact, the aging process becomes physically visible through the increasing loss of muscle mass with the increase in fat tissue, which causes the physical decline in skeletal muscles, known as ‘Sarcopenia’ (loss of muscle mass in old age).

Many scientists have shown that the aging process can be slowed down or reversed by means of fitness training and adapted nutrition. The best visible examples of this are our athletes over 60 and even over 70 years old, who still have good health and strong muscular system.

Cooperation and knowledge development

The IFBB is very aware of the capabilities of our sport and has set up a Scientific and Research Committee on its board working with scientific and university institutions worldwide. This committee handles reports and participates in symposia and congresses, such as those organized by the International Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (USA).
The IFBB and IFBB Netherlands (Dutch Bodybuilding and Fitness Association) are proud to be able to contribute in all these areas in the belief that physical and mental health is an additional contribution of sport to society.

Dr. Rafael Santonja IFBB President

Juliette Bergmann – IFBB Honorary Life Vice President (wereldwijd)

  • IFBB Ms. Olympia
  • IFBB Am. & Pro World Champion
  • Executive member IFBB & EBBF board
  • President IFBB Netherlands (Dutch Bodybuilding and Fitness Bond NBBF)
  • Hall of Famer IFBB International


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