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We would like to welcome you to IFBB Netherlands. The membership of the IFBB-Nederland (N.B.B.F.) as it was before has now been replaced by a so-called competition license that gives access to participation in contests but also in international IFBB events such as the various Diamond Cup events. So you need to buy a ‘competition license’ if you want to participate in one of our competitions. It also allows you to participate in IFBB international competitions (if highly qualified) or purchase an ‘official license’ if you are an official or jury.

Everyone can get a license; young and old, male and female, beginner and advanced contestants. There are no age limits. There are however, many categories / classes in which various groups are divided on the basis of gender, age, height, weight and experience. This way there is no unfair competition during contests and you can always grow to a higher level.

With a competition license from the IFBB Netherlands you are automatically a member of the worldwide IFBB. This means that you can participate in international IFBB contests (provided you finish high enough in Dutch contests).

* ‘Official License’ is only for judges and officials!

License in 2 steps

1. Enter your details below. Only after everything has been entered completely, you can click on ‘Send’. You will then be send an email and automaticly be redirected into our webshop where you can safely pay your membership.

2. If you want to pay at a later stage or if something went wrong you can click on one of the membership options under ‘Choose your NBBF membership and Pay through iDEAL’ and you will be automatically redirected to the secure payment screen in our webshop in combination with ‘iDEAL’.  

* ‘Official License’ is only for judges and officials!

Application Form

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    When registering / weighing, a one-off amount must be paid for the registration booklet which will be stamped and handed out. The costs of this registration booklet are 11 euros when paid by bank, if this is done at registration / weighing this will be 16 euros.

    Payment is only possible in advance and amounts to 55 euros + 9% VAT (payment via bank or paypal). Payment on the day of the contest is NOT possible.

    By accepting membership, you agree to the conditions as stated in the Articles of Association and Regulations of the NBBF. You also agree to our Privacy Statement and Photo Rights. All these documents can be found on our website under the heading 'Federation'.

    Each license is valid from 1. January until 31. December (one calendar year). We would like to draw your attention to the fact that any cancellation of membership must be done in writing and must be received by the member administration before December 3 of each calendar year. Without timely cancellation your membership will be automatically extended by one year and you will receive an invoice.

    You will receive an automatic message from your registration. If this is not the case within 10 minutes, please check your spam box.

    If you are a coach and you pay for the membership of one of your athletes, please state the first and last name of your athlete.

    You agree to these terms and conditions *

    * = mandatory statement of data.