• This calender year we have three contests in the Netherlands:

  • 4 December Hercules Cup B contest – advanced
    Theater Lievekamp, Raadhuislaan 14, 5341 GM Oss

  • 4 December Juliette Bergmann Grand Prix  advanced-A contest and qualifier for EC 2023
    Theater Lievekamp, Raadhuislaan 14, 5341 GM Oss

  • 11 December: The ‘Lichtstad Open 2022’ is a brand new competition organized by the people of Muscletotaal. It concerns a C/D competition in Theater de Schalm in Veldhoven on Sunday 11 December. Please note this date in your diary. Click here for more information.

  •  For a list with international contests from IFBB follow this link.

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Notorious Cup a BIG success!

IFBB Nederland organised a new official contest with a very good public turnout during the Notorious Cup in Schiedam. We saw a great competition with a high level of participants, chapeau! It was a BIG success! The complete results list you can read here (click…

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European Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships

EBFF European Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation  By Ingrid Stewart and Jako van der Velde From 5 to 9 May, the European Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships were organized in Santa Susanna, Spain. The Netherlands was represented in the Wellness, Bikini fitness and Body fitness classes. Under…

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Yana Pomozybida

If it doesn’t kill me, it makes me stronger By Harry de Jonge The title of this piece did not literally come out of Fitness Bikini athlete Yana, but it did come to mind immediately after I hung up the phone after a short interview….

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Results and impression photos ONK 2022

Hereby the definite list of winners in all classes, click here (pdf). Below you can see some impressions of the very successful Open Dutch Championships 2022. The complete comprehensive overview with all results and photos of the winners has now been placed in the archive…

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Don’t Be Fooled !

Best athletes and coaches in the Netherlands.   Don’t be fooled by confusing (dis)information! The NPC is not an IFBB! The NPC has nothing to do with the IFBB either. The NPC (National Physique Committee) is a purely American one-man federation and is not recognized…

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Report and Contest Results JBC 2022

Juliëtte Bergmann Cup 2022 A new start No one, really no one, could have imagined at the beginning of 2020 that there would be a long period when almost no bodybuilding competition could be organized and yet that was exactly what was the result of…

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Fitness Challenge Rules – April 2022

New rules have been drawn up for the “Fitness Challenge” and you can find them in this extensive PDF file. Really all details are covered. From technical levels to description of the exercises, you will find everything here. A ‘must-read’ for every participant or interested…

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