Report and Contest Results JBC 2022

Report and Contest Results JBC 2022

Juliëtte Bergmann Cup 2022

A new start

No one, really no one, could have imagined at the beginning of 2020 that there would be a long period when almost no bodybuilding competition could be organized and yet that was exactly what was the result of a worldwide pandemic that started in China. And it wasn’t just the games that stopped, no it was much worse, worldwide gyms were simply closed and people could only mess around a bit at home.

“Corona-kilos” became a common expression, people got out of shape, became depressed and everyone wondered if things would ever go back to normal. At the end of 2021, the rules were relaxed again and IFBB-Netherlands tried it with a contest at C-level, but it was not yet a real success. Strict rules regarding QR codes, skepticism among people who did not want to take a risk yet, no, this was not yet the way it should be.

After another forced closure from mid-December to mid-January, all measures were finally abolished step by step and it was during this period that the association, under the inspiring leadership of our chairwoman Juliette Bergmann, decided to go all out again.


Posing clinic

But, the seasoned experts within the association realized, in order to attract new faces, they also had to take action themselves. A posing clinic should not only prepare people for their first stage experience, but should also generate the necessary enthusiasm. On Sunday 6. March IFBB-Netherlands finally organized such a posing clinic in the beautiful Legend Fitness gym in The Hague. Due to some changes within the federation, the posing teaching had to be picked up by new faces and fortunately some enthusiastic toppers were willing to put their heart and soul into this so that there was a renowned A-athlete for each category! Jerry Koolhoven, Johnny Stuhldreier, Ingrid Stewart, Elke van den Bergh, Nicole de Wit, Ruth van Bochhove and Bi Bi taught a large group of ladies and gentlemen the basics of the all-important posing and the result in the first contest did certainly not disappoint!


The Contest!

Sunday 27 March it was time. In Theater aan de Schie in Schiedam, so well-known to us, the new start should be made and what everyone hoped for, happened and it turned out to be a great success. Not only did the contest attract more than 100 participants, but the audience also turned up in large numbers, filling almost all seats in the theater!

The bodybuilding classes were still somewhat underrepresented, probably also because the corona vicissitudes affected these classes stronger than the bikini and men’s physique classes where the missed training time is a little easier to make up for. Without missing out on a few very promising athletes, we would like to mention a few outliers. The bikini ladies Yentl Haverland, Renee Timmers and especially Sylwia Wierzbicki could also compete at a higher level and at the time of writing the open N.K. still has to come (three weeks later), but most likely these ladies and a number of others will also be shining here. Said Abdelfattah became the best bodybuilder of the day. He won his class, the masters class and the overall and showed the most complete physique and also the best condition.


Hereby the list of the results in all classes, click here for the pdf-file.


Watch this video with a short impression of the JBC day!


Dutch Championships on 17. April

The N.K. April 17 will have an “Open” character, which simply means that IFBB-Netherlands has chosen to keep the contest open for everyone after all the corona misery, because there is simply no time yet to come to the usual C,B and A classes via the usual qualifications. On to a nice Open N.K. and then after the summer break a C, B and A contest with the ‘City of Light Open’ for C and D athletes as a closing on December 11! See our agenda for the contest schedule.

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