General info IFBB and NBBF

Below you will find a selection of relevant regulations from the IFBB and NBBF and the various classes. Please note that if you have participated internationally within another organization as a NBBF member, you will not be eligible for broadcast for one year after the start of the date of participation at the other organization.
Only A-members who have been a member of the NBBF for at least six months and who have participated in the designated A-competitions are eligible for participation in international IFBB competitions.

Junior age

Juniors age is for 2020: when you were born between 1997 and 2004. If you turn 23 somewhere between 1. January 2020 and 31. December 2020, than you can still participate as a junior the whole 2020 calender year through.

Dutch and international rules

For detailed explanation and description per class, see the separate webpage under ‘Competitions – Qualifications & Classes’, click here.