The NBBF is very concerned…

The NBBF is very concerned…

The NBBF is very concerned…

In recent months we have been regularly startled by the death of participants in bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

Many athletes do not seem to realize the dangers of taking certain drugs and medicines in large quantities, whether or not they take it on the advice of a coach, to get the body in an optimal shape for contests. Usually substances that are used to get the body ‘competition ready’ in the short term, for example by expelling fluids, quickly losing some extra fat or giving the muscles a quick boost.

That this is certainly not without danger is apparent from the recent obituaries and the ‘total collapse’ of body builders and fitness athletes during competitions and/or preparations.

These types of drugs and medicines are intended for heart patients and patients with various other conditions, and certainly not for healthy people. They are therefore anything but body-friendly. Athletes often do not use these drugs on the advice of a doctor, but from hear-say and often there is a lack of medical knowledge about the consequences that can arise from the use of these drugs. And so there are deaths!

Even athletes entering their first competition are already doing this, without any health checks or without considering underlying abnormalities! Stick to the supplements that are offered and do not use drugs or medicines!

It is always important that you as an athlete know what you are taking. If you, as an athlete or coach, have doubts about certain resources, you can contact Juliette (email: where you can discuss your doubts in confidence.

Do not blindly trust what you hear, but research the effect of those resources yourself via the internet. Also read the article below by Jim Lensveld and Harry de Jonge ‘As dry as a shrimp, as dead as a pier’ (unfortunately only in the Dutch langauge) from our NBBF Yearbook from last year 2020:

This is a two page article in pdf format with a lot of reliable information, take advantage of it, download the pdf file, read here.

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