Contest License

Contest License



Pay for your competition license here.

Only with a competition license you can participate in competitions organized by us throughout the calendar year (additional variable participation costs per competition apply, see competition info).

You are a member of both the IFBB Netherlands and the international IFBB (International Federation of Body Building). Membership costs 55 euros + 9% VAT = 59.95 euros.

Pay attention! Only with your FIRST registration or with your FIRST participation in a contest you must also purchase the “Registration Booklet” (with “met Wedstrijdboekje” or without “zonder Wedstrijdboekje”). Cost is 11 euro. This is therefore a one-time purchase, which you can use for all contests to come. So order that right away if you are new to our federation / contests. Make your choice with the order down below. (4,95 VAT is included in the final amount.)

NOTE! If you order the ‘Registration Booklet/Wedstrijdboekje’ it will be given to you in person on the first contest that you participate. It will NOT be sent to you by post or email, you have to get it yourself at the contest and it will be ready for you with your details when you sign in first thing in the morning of the contest. From that moment on you will keep it with you at all times.

For the regulations and activities of IFBB Nederland, we refer to the webpages about our organization onĀ


Mind! Your contest license will not be sent to you, but it will be ready for you at the next contest you participate in.


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